A little bit about me…

I work as a travel consultant for a cycling holiday company here in the North East UK, and yes, I get myself away on the trips when I can; soaking up every new destination and riding experience. 2017 had me riding through Puglia, Southern Italy… and of course many places here in Britain, including North Wales & the Lake District.

Outside the travel office I like to be active and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle; in 2017 I competed in my first (rookie) Bikini Competition and relished racing in my first Skyrun.

My main activities are:

Road Cycling

Weight Lifting

Trail/Mountain Running

Followed by:

Mountain Biking


Finished off with:

Yoga & Meditation

I decided to keep a blog/journal to document my experiences/mini adventures. I’m sure it will become an interesting point for my own reference and reflection over the coming years!

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