A PADDLE UNDER THE ‘TOON’ BRIDGES AT DAWN! First time in a kayak and the location and conditions where spot on!

Looking out the window this morning at the rain and grey sky, well it seems like the perfect time to revisit this lush paddle on the river Tyne, from just a few weeks ago, on a super sunny and warm spring morning!

I got a message the night before asking if I fancied an early morning paddle, the conditions where going to be perfect! I mean, sure I did, it sounded great!

The great thing is this required no planning whatsoever, it was a last minute snap decision and it was fantastic. When you see a good morning on the horizon I believe you really need to jump on it and just do something, and this was a cracking way to spend it. I’d never been in a kayak before and it was certainly something different. There were moments when the water was like glass, and visually the effect was stunning. We were on the water for about 7am, and you can imagine how quiet the city was at this time, even more so from a river perspective… so peaceful!

We paddled along, enjoying the warm sunshine and the fresh morning air. It was very relaxing, passing the odd swan and the small boats that were docked. We arrived at the bridges, looking pretty different from under here, in this little kayak. It was impressive!

The paddle back was quicker, as we were just caching the tide going out, and I think I was relaxing into it more and finding some paddle rhythm… ;0)… all this enjoyment and we were back at the Alexander Adventures base just in time to start the working day. An easy, fuss free session for first thing in the morning, great to awaken the mind and set up for a good day ahead!

Strava Link to Kayak session

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