SUP, Rock Hopping & Coasteering!

A stunning spring day in the north east and a cool day on the water was arranged with a few of our Alexander Adventures team. When the weather is like this it makes choosing ‘green travel options’ taste that little bit sweeter and I headed across the water by bike which included a ‘bike friendly’ short ferry ride.

This was a fun day on the water, and it was nice to hang with the team. We paddled around to a secluded little ‘Paradise Beach’ for a brew and enjoyed a bit of rock hopping as we went. A couple of the team took a bit of a plunge from the overhanging rocks!

It was lovely to be out enjoying the north sea, it kinda takes you away from the bustle happening on land. A few other paddlers where out on kayaks and as they passed they stopped for a chat, just like the cycle scene they’re a very friendly bunch ;0) !

The rock hopping was fun, and I must admit I did have a tow line attached to my board at the start of my session… my ‘paddling in a straight line’ skills really needed some work! It did become a bit easier to handle on the return leg and the wind behind really helped, a perfect excuse really to just get back out again soon and get more practice in…!

When all the water fun was over, we chilled with a beer and grabbed some bait (lunch ;)) – such a sweet little social activity and right on the doorstep. Great day to be had!

Strava Link to SUP session

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