Eroica Britannia, Peak District. England… Bike Festival

Eroica Britannia – A weekend long Vintage Bike Festival in the heart of the Peak District, England.

A festival filled with every type of cyclist – families and friends getting together for a weekend of fun costumes, vintage bikes, entertainment and…. camping! 🙂

Friday evening was filled with soulful live music vibes and a twilight ride to the pub! Enjoying battered sausage and chips on the hay bales, swaying to the music of the live band and admiring/discussing at great lengths the efforts that that many of the guys had gone to in growing, styling their facial hair, and dressing up for the occasion. The gals looked cracking too, but it did seem like more dress up fun was being had by the men on this occasion.

The band soon started and we peeled ourselves from the hay bales, dusting straw off our backsides. We joined the crowd being entertained in front of the stage. It was joyful watching the energetic and fun loving families and groups of friends dancing and singing along, as Papa Soul performed covers of old time classics to keep us moving.

Sweeping above us, the sky was a gorgeous pale blue, blending into dusky rose, heather and lavender hues, the crowd snapping shots for their social media as we watched the sun fall down behind a lone tree on a hill top.


It was time for the twilight ride to take off. I’ve never seen anything like it… such a delight to watch. Bikes with bells, bikes with fair lights, bikes with flowers, bikes with bobbies and bikes with tutus. Twinkling fairy lights, riders in costume, the sound of laughter and novelty horns filled the air. The atmosphere made our smiles beam, while Cheshire Cats stretched their bodies along the tree branches, illuminated with green and purple uplighters.


A fun for all weekend. Eroica Britannia transports you back in time, providing a ‘Classic Britain’ platform for all modern day riders to come along and bring the weekend to life. A few highlights included the classic bike competition, one from each era. One of my favourites was ‘Best Dressed Dog’ and the crazy cat lady who brought along and entered her puss, dressed as a war pilot and it’s basket had been transformed to resemble an aircraft. Stargazing was fun, peering through the lens of a large telescope to view Venus. The list really does go on and on….

Fingers Crossed we Skedaddle back there next year!

It was fun hanging out with the team and so meeting many of our Skedaddlers too 😉

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