UKBFF North West Championship. England… Masters Bikini Comp!

SoOo… my second UKBFF Bikini Comp! I’m now in the masters category, being a grand 35 year old!

I set myself a 16 week loose training plan, combining strength training and short duration cardio/HIIT. My gym sessions started at 3 x per week and progressed to 4 x per week, and my cardio started at 20 minutes and gradually increased to around an hour max. The cardio consisted of running/sprinting, cycling, step machine and HIIT specific gym classes (well actually only one class was taken 🙈 – but I carried over the workouts from the class into my own routines )👍.

The experience in competing in one of these comps… in my opinion, it can’t be matched. From choosing your event, planning out your training and nutrition, and pinpointing in your calendar the first day of training… following your plan as well as life allows you to, and observing the progress; then finally being faced with the steps onto the stage when the day arrives… For me it’s just been never ending learning! It’s both mentally and physically challenging, and it gives a lot back! I’ve been enjoying the discipline that comes with the training routine and the healthy eating focus.

On this occassion I know my eating plan/nutrition just wasn’t at the right level. I did make good steady changes and cut out processed food and junk sugar, but I didn’t focus on a specific bulking and cutting phase… something I can introduce into my next comp preparation. I’ll also drop my plan from 16 weeks to 12 weeks. I think 16 was unnecessary…

I’m extremely happy now to take a step back from the intensity of it all 😄 – but I will be back at it again in the not too distant future.

The rest of my year is filled with cycling holidays and running challenges! All the good outdoorsy stuff… ❤

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