A wee bit about me…



I worked as a travel consultant for a cycling holiday company here in the North East UK for 4 years, and yes, during that time I got myself away on some amazing trips; soaking up every new travel destination and cycling experience that I had a notion to take.

2017 had me riding through Puglia, Southern Italy… and of course many places here in Britain; including North Wales & the Lake District. I took part in my first bikini competition and raced Kilian Jornet in the Ring of Steal skyrace 😉 !

2018 was filled with hiking trips here in the UK, including a great winter weekend in Scotland with camping and summiting Ben Macdui. I also competed in my second bikini competition, which was really good fun and a fond memory to look back on! Attending the Eroica Cycling Festival was great fun, with visions of classic cyclists, bikes and some poetry delivered from the actors at the Hendricks Gin Bar ;). I went riding around La Rioja, the climbing and scenery was outstanding and then returned to the UK just in time to catch the road racing championships taking place at home in the north east of England. This was the year I joined the North of Tyne mountain rescue team, a very rewarding experience. The end of the year had me flying off on another cycling trip to the French Pyrenees!

2019 kicked off with my winter skills training weekend Scotland as part of my mountain rescue training, this was a great experience, and it lead me onto the realisation that a navigation course would be beneficial and I took one shortly after in Northumberland. I took four trips to Spain this year, once in April to La Rioja again, second time was spent exploring the Picos, and a few locations along the northern coast before heading to a music festival; the third and fourth time was much further south, in Tarifa and the surrounding areas! I also enjoyed a very cool mountain biking festival in Scotland. I sampled my first e-bike ride in the Lakes, very nice! It was the wettest year in history at the UCI road racing championships in Yorkshire ;)!

Taking us nicely to 2020… Shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak I was fortunate to squeeze in a trip to Slovenia. Oh and did I mention I also started a new job, in travel of course! Challenging times 😉

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